The impetus for my work comes from the natural world.  Things that I see, help me feel myself and this is what I paint.  I am after a palatable sense of "realness" and wish to locate this in as clear of a way as possible.
In paintings I mingle architectural and natural forms- things that are in my daily periphery- in conjunction with rememberences and conceptual and felt ideas.  I also harbor a deep sceptism for straight abstraction and straight representation.   I am striving to create something new that is born from both.  
When this works I can see glimmers of how a painting can be conceptual and physical at the same time, much in the way that we live in our own bodies.
So this is how I approach painting.  It’s not that I am painting a landscape, a portrait, or a still life.... It’s that I know I am fundamentally a part of all of this and the reason for painting is to find out a little bit more about that.